In the lands of the Sanctuary of the Good Jesus of Braga, will take place the Multidimensional Therapy Course in days 12 and 13 Feb’22 (Saturday and Sunday) brought by the trainer Paulo Nogueira.

This is the opportunity with which the Beings of Light congratulate your heart, bringing to the lands of Braga the Light of Multidimensional Therapy of the seventh and ninth dimension with the joyful beings of Sirius and the noble beings of Orion who visit us once again in this very special edition!

With the objective of expanding Spirituality in the North of Portugal, to constitute new servants of the Light in the path of their own spiritual evolution and in those with whom they come into contact, the value of this special edition will be of only 120 hearts.

The unique and unrepeatable price of this singular formation does not correspond to its value since the price of something is defined by what it offers a product/service but the value of that same something is defined by what it receives.

Therefore, take advantage of this glorious opportunity to work with the masters of the Great White Brotherhood, with the Angels and Archangels, channeling energies of Love and Healing from Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Master Kuthumi (Saint Francis of Assisi in one of his incarnations) and Master Adama so that your efforts may be multiplied thousands of times over in fruits harvested in the harvest of the heart.

Sow a heart in the fertile soil of Universal Love and harvest a tree! Come and learn to ignite with the light of your heart other hearts giving them the opportunity to be blessed with the energy of the Masters of Light!

Multidimensional Therapy Course Braga - Feb'22

Price of the training: 120 eur (includes pre-registration of 30 eur by bank transfer to reserve your place)
Trainer: Paulo Nogueira
Date: 12 and 13 February 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)
Schedule: from 10:00 to 18:00
Inscriptions: 912 064 084 or fill in the form
Place: Yoga Braga (Av. João XXI nº 667 RC, 4715-035 Braga)