In Multidimensional Meditation you learn to meditate based on the heart, giving in the present moment, your full attention to the heart chakra, moving all the emotions, feelings and thoughts that bother you to the heart – the healing center in the human being.

If you wish to learn Multidimensional Meditation call 912 064 084 and speak with the trainer Paulo Nogueira to schedule an hour of your availability.

By meditating with the heart as your base, you will begin to awaken your capacity for Compassion and Understanding, characteristics of this particular chakra. A peace of compassionate character will begin to flood you with Light and understanding in relation to the issues that beset you at the moment.

By meditating on the heart, you will receive enlightening insights. This happens since focusing on the heart raises its vibration. By raising your vibration, you approach your guides and mentors from the spiritual plane who will take advantage of your availability to help you since your vibration is closer to theirs.

Create connections to Earth through your roots of white light, give your right hand to your Guardian Angel, step inside the ball of white light and come from there to enjoy a multidimensional journey, beyond the dimension of time and space, led by Beings of Light.