Website: http://ldreamm.com
Price1: 360.00 INR
Shipping costs: 35.00 INR

  • Provides the data collected from the EEG
  • It has head positioning sensor
  • 10 EEG sensors
  • Contains headphones
  • Includes software to analyze EEG data in real time
  • Contains an SDCard for recording EEG data
  • It has bluetooth

Neuroon Open

Neuroon Open consists of a device with 1 EEG sensor for collecting information during sleep. This device features a positioning sensor to check when the user moves during sleep, a thermometer to measure body temperature, a heart rate sensor and a sensor that measures oxygen saturation.

Website: https://neuroonopen.com/
Price1: 159.00 INR


It uses 2 LEDs to notify the user that he is dreaming, i.e. in the REM phase. It has EEG sensor, EOG (eye movement detector), ECG (measures heart rate) and EMG (measures muscle tension).

Website: https://sleepwithaurora.com/
Price1: 299.00 INR

1 For up-to-date pricing you should check the device manufacturer’s website.