Master Mikao Usui said that anyone who feels heat ministering a Reiki treatment would be in a position to use both breath and eyes to offer Reiki energy.

The technique is practiced as follows:
1st Inhale and bring the air down to the tantien (abdomen). Hold it there for a few seconds and draw the energy potentiation symbol on your palate with your tongue.

2º Then exhale and blow the potentiation symbol over the part of the body to be treated. You can use this technique in healing the physical body, the aura or photographs (distance healing).

3º Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

If you wish, you can try this technique together with the contraction of the anal muscle (in Chinese Hui Yin) while breathing in and out.

The pubococcygeal muscle (Hui Yin) is located between the sexual organs and the anus, and is considered in China as one of the most important points, as energy can easily fall from this place. The purpose of contracting this muscle is to raise the energy up the spine to the higher energy centers. This exercise also prevents prostate-related health problems and urinary incontinence.