The Initiation to Soul Consciousness helps the student of the Ascension Healing course to expand his Soul consciousness and increases the likelihood that he will experience, even temporarily, states of pure love in which he almost floats off the ground, intoxicated with the feeling of ecstasy. It is through the Soul that God experiences the physical body.

The increase in Soul consciousness occurs in stages and at each stage there is an influx of Soul energy into the personality which can cause a certain discomfort to the ego that begins to resist this influx. This resistance is felt by the individual as anxiety. It is the nature of the ego to identify with everything it experiences. The ego identifies with a nationality, a gender, musical tastes, a collection of memories it calls the past, its clothes, its linguistic expressions, its handwriting, its way of walking, smiling, looking, greeting, its political, religious and philosophical opinions among an ocean of other attributes. Each time there is an influx of Soul energy into the ego, it resents it because it fears it will cease to exist.

However, this fear is unjustified since the Soul “descends” to transform the ego, not to eliminate it. Even when someone reaches Enlightenment, that person does not cease to have an ego since it is the ego that tells us where the “I” ends and everything else begins. The ascended masters, for example, are enlightened beings, and yet each has their own personality and their own specificity. Jesus, Babaji, Yogananda, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, St. Francis of Assisi (Master Kuthumi) are examples of people who have attained Enlightenment. However, even though each of them has reached the full realization of their Soul and have completely surrendered their ego to the will of their Soul, therefore of God, they have not ceased to have individuality.

Thus, there are unfortunately a number of people on the path of Spirituality who restrict their spiritual evolution due to the belief that if they attain Enlightenment, they will lose their individuality and will merge with the All, that is, with God, so that they will disappear into the ocean of the Source. However, that does not correspond to the truth. Buddha when he became enlightened at the age of 35 under the Bodhi tree, did not disappear. He continued to teach and heal until he was 80 years old, at which age he left the plane of matter. Enlightenment means experientially realizing that everything and one’s self is a manifestation of God and surrendering one’s ego will to the will of God. The being who has become enlightened has not ceased to have ego. Only, it went on to subjugate him to the will of his Soul. The evolution of the Soul is infinite and even for those beings who have already attained Enlightenment, they are still able to evolve, although in missions appropriate to the greatness of their souls such as serving as a master on a planet, liberating the entire mind of an entire civilization through their example and their teachings and other major tasks, generally of planetary, stellar or even galactic importance. The job of the masters is to walk the path and then show it to their tens or hundreds of millions of followers.

Thus, the person seeking Enlightenment must realize that attaining Enlightenment serves only to make himself even more useful to the purpose of the All and not solely to merge in it for his own eternal and private delight. That is the Soul’s only desire – eternal and universal compassion. For this reason he can sometimes only satisfy this wish by incarnations in matter in order to help his fellow-men in that condition. Then, from time to time, great masters who had already attained Enlightenment in previous lives incarnate to help all the people of a civilization to advance spiritually. Otherwise, how could any enlightened master rejoice, knowing the suffering that humanity goes through, suffering that is obviously self-imposed through ignorance, desires and attachment, without wanting to help that civilization move forward? For this reason, the work of every unenlightened Soul is to attain Enlightenment, and that of every enlightened Soul is to help all other unenlightened Souls attain Enlightenment. Since God creates Souls all the time, every nanosecond, there are millions of new unenlightened souls being created by God. Thus, we can deduce that the work of all Souls from the moment of their creation by Source is infinite. As each Soul evolves through the experience of reincarnation, it seeks new challenges consistent with its degree of evolution.

However, like some people in our daily lives who enjoy what they do professionally, work does not have to involve suffering. On the contrary, it can be fulfilled with joy. Even some work that involves suffering on the part of the one who performs it can be alleviated when a greater purpose is found in that suffering.

In Matthew 11:29-30, we find the following statement from master Jesus:

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Given the difficult mission of Jesus in that incarnation about 2000 years ago, we can only understand that his yoke was soft and his burden light, given that at that time, he was already in such a high state of consciousness that he understood that any and all pain and suffering would be worth it in the end, for a greater good, and that no pain or suffering was greater than his compassion for humanity. He acted as if the personal sacrifice he envisioned in his last moments was, in reality, a divine privilege granted to him.

The Soul Consciousness Initiation is particularly useful for clearing the emotion of fear associated with ego dissolution, present in the root chakra. This initiation enables the student of the Ascension Healing Course to feel one of the 3 qualities of the Soul – Love. The qualities of the Soul are Higher Mind/Wisdom, Love and divine Will – the same as represented by the Triune Flame. In the Triune Flame, Love is represented by the pink plume, the divine Will by the blue plume and Wisdom by the golden plume.

As regards the aspect of the surrender of the ego to the divine Will, there are resistances to be considered, namely, the idea that surrender means weakness, to be subjugated or submitted, or simply to give up one’s own will. This idea, evidently wrong, usually inhabits the minds of people who have problems with authority figures (parents, police, teachers at school, superiors at work among others) and who confuse surrendering the ego to the divine Will with surrendering to an external authority. When you talk about surrendering the ego, I mean surrendering before the authority of your Soul, not an authority external to the reader.

We must also remember that the Soul is always pure and that it is the personality of the person who sometimes makes bad decisions and assumes various moral weaknesses. The goal of evolution is to cleanse the impurities of the personality so that the light of the Soul can shine through the personality.