Master Usui said that all parts of our body radiate energy, especially the hands, eyes and breathing. To heal with our eyes, we must first relax and direct our gaze into the void. Staring at someone is aggressive and an aggressive look cannot heal since it is devoid of peace and love.

One of the ways we can use to practice this technique is to place a flower or a crystal about 50 cm from our eyes and try to see through the object feeling that it is the object that observes us and not us who observe the object.

Here’s how to practice:

1º Select the area of the patient’s body to treat and take your gaze to that area

2º Allow yourself to be relaxed while maintaining the intention to pass on energy with your gaze

3º If other thoughts arise, simply refocus your attention on something that brings you back to the present moment

4º Repeat this technique the times you feel necessary