Come and do the Multidimensional Therapy Course completely free* with Paulo Nogueira by adhering to the conditions that are presented along this page.

Free* Multidimensional Therapy Course

Free* Multidimensional Therapy Course

Who is the Free Multidimensional Therapy Course* for?

  • For all those who wish to evolve spiritually, who are open to new paradigms of relating to others, of thinking about themselves and their own spiritual nature.
  • For those who want to become professionals in Multidimensional Therapy
  • For those who see a bright future in their careers as holistic therapists and who wish to add value to their work in other therapies
  • For psychologists, nurses, medical assistants among several others whose profession is related to caring for others
  • For all those who want to evolve, through helping others to evolve with the help of the Beings of Light
  • For people in coaching, personal development, NLP, hypnosis and other mind techniques
  • For Physical and Mental Health professionals
  • For professionals in the field of Education so that they can readapt their professional skills to a more spiritual perspective on life
  • For professionals in any field – Engineering (Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Aeronautical, Geotechnical, Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering) who wish to expand their awareness beyond an exclusively analytical and rational reasoning

The Multidimensional Therapy Course or Workshop is always taught on two consecutive days so that there can be an intense way of receiving the initiations that are part of the course in order to cause maximum transformation in the trainees.

The Multidimensional Therapy Course, given free of charge*, teaches trainees how to deal with different types of problems of spiritual origin, deepen their Spirituality, meditate from the heart, live with Beings of Light, helping professionals in this therapy to facilitate improvements in their clients’ family and affective relationships, improving their self-esteem and self-confidence, understanding the origin of their self-sabotage mechanisms, the origin of their addictions and apparent contradictions between their attitudes and their life goals.

This training, given by Paulo Nogueira, helps the future multidimensional therapist to use techniques for his future clients to make practical changes in their lives that they deem necessary to achieve their goals in a free way without ever compromising their most important and defining human values.

Are you ready to learn how to live the life you’ve always wanted in a practical way? Are you ready to not be afraid to be happy? Come and sign up with us and allow yourself to be open to this new experience that for many students is a milestone in their lives.

The training is based on several principles of Spirituality, namely the constant search for knowledge and self-knowledge in a process of inner reform that can be greatly assisted by the principles of the Spiritist doctrine as codified by Allan Kardec and, later, supported by the numerous works of several disincarnate authors through the psychography of the great Brazilian medium Chico Xavier.

More than changing society, the guiding principle of Spirituality should be the inner change in the first place, according to the Masonic ideal, which includes the logical hope that the intellectual and moral progress of the individual will inevitably contribute to the progress of Humanity, since he is part of it, fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi’s maxim.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Thus, instead of trying to change the way in which society and its institutions function through membership of associations or political parties, we should rather strive for the moral enrichment of ourselves as individuals.

It will be of no use to have participated in bloody revolutions that changed the political, economic and social system of a people or organization to end, at the end of incarnation, by residing in the Threshold for many years with mortifying memories amidst the screams and lancinating groans of its temporary inhabitants, our transgressed brothers, who await their complete purging (purification of their lower astral and mental bodies) until they earn the merit of rescue by the guides forwarding them to the higher astral plane in order to review their past life and write a new history for their next incarnation on Earth.

The teachings acquired in the Multidimensional Therapy Course are varied and aim to achieve the total clarification of all the fundamental questions that plague the normally inquisitive spirit of the students, a spirit that is extremely necessary to achieve Wisdom.

Some of these teachings can be intuitively channeled at this time, according to Paulo Nogueira’s inspiration, by the several ascended masters present in the course and who help to raise the vibration of the group, which should be kept cohesive and in union to strengthen the bond between all and create an own unity in energetic terms that will multiply the energetic dividends of each one of the course members, keeping them with a single intention of healing and ascension during the whole time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that certain teachings may originate, for example, from Master Kuthumi, director of the 2nd ray – the golden ray of Wisdom and discernment as although each course contains a pre-defined structure of initiations, there will naturally always be a need for specific healing and knowledge on the part of its members.

*How does the Free Multidimensional Therapy Course promotion work?

To participate in this great promotion just follow the following steps:

Make like in the page Paulo Nogueira Terapias and request by private message to the page your participation in the promotion. You can also request by Whatsapp (+351 912 064 084). This promotion only applies to Multidimensional Therapy courses worth €99 or €100.

Make the payment of the course. The course will have a value of 100€. For each friend to whom you refer the course and who actually registers for the same edition as the person who requests this promotion, you will receive a gift of 25€ up to a maximum of 4 friends referred, which will correspond to a maximum return of 100€, which will be equivalent to the amount initially spent to take the course and will therefore be free of charge.

Make your appointment in the form on the page of the Multidimensional Therapy Course.
Do the course and, at the end, receive by Paypal or bank transfer the value corresponding to the friends who participated in this edition.

Online Course – 4 friends equals 100€. 3 friends equals €75, 2 friends equals €50, etc.

Important notes: The maximum discount on each course is 100€. Cross-referencing is not allowed, i.e. if the participant referred a friend, the friend who was referred cannot refer the person who referred him/her to get a discount although he/she can refer other people. This promotion is not cumulative with any other for the completion of the Multidimensional Therapy Course.