Each person in the Ascension Healing Course feels each initiation differently from their colleague. At the moment the initiation is received, the initiators can feel sensations of cold or heat, see colors, mostly green, golden and violet, feel presences, touches or pressure on the head, specifically in the temples, as well as drowsiness or emotions to come to the surface. The effects are extremely subtle and usually only 2 or 3 of all these are felt by the students.

Sometimes the initiator may feel blockages emerge from the surface, which prevented the energy of a given initiation from manifesting, and to be released. For example, in the initiation to the Energy of Hope that is conducted by the Arcturians, one may suddenly feel, in some cases, both the feeling of confidence in which his life will improve, as well as pessimism to emerge, and that pessimism already existed consciously or unconsciously, and that is now finally being made conscious and liberated. So if some people feel an increase in pessimism in the 3 days immediately to initiation, they should not worry given that this blockade is being cleaned. If it takes a while longer, it should probably not be related to initiation, but to the attitude that the person himself already had towards life, an attitude from which he is not intended to let go for some reason that can subsequently be studied by the therapist together with the client in a Ascension Healing session.