Spirituality should be accessible to everyone and it is based on this noble premise that the Paulo Nogueira Terapias space in Lisbon is offering discounts on a course that aims to reach as many people as possible given that in this era of rapid spiritual evolution, the presence of more Lightworkers is necessary.

The course consists both in a great opportunity for spiritual evolution and in the training of therapists who will be able, since the course is practical, to initiate sessions on themselves and on others immediately after its conclusion.

The following discounts only apply to the Multidimensional Therapy Course in the city of Lisbon:

The course fee in Lisbon is 125€.

Friends Promotion

If you bring one or more friends with you, you will get a
25€ discount
as well as each of your friends. Thus, the final value of the course for you and your friends will be €100.
To have access to the discount, you must indicate at the time of registration the name of your friends to be assigned the discount.

Facebook share promotion

By sharing the cover photo of our page on the wall of a friend, group or page you have a discount of 0.10€. You can do shares up to a maximum of 250 shares which will give a maximum discount of 25€. Thus, by making 250 shares of the page cover, the final value of the course for you will be 100€. You must inform us that you want to join this promotion before starting the process of sharing by calling 912 064 084 or by messenger of our page.

Note: Discounts of the promotions mentioned above are not cumulative.

Enrollment in the Multidimensional Therapy Course

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