One of the initiations that Ascension Healing Course graduates receive is the initiation into the energy of Hope given to them by the Arcturian Masters.

Hope consists of a general feeling of faith in the benevolence of life and God, a feeling that comes from the core of the Being that everything that happens in life has a benevolent purpose when viewed from a higher perspective, and that all setbacks are temporary and serve a greater end, which will always be positive.

It is Hope that nourishes the Force that seems to run out sometimes in the course of various situations of vicissitudes in life that a human being experiences and over which he cannot exercise control. The Initiation to the Energy of Hope anchors in the student a positive attitude towards life and enables him to be a channel of it for his clients of this energy healing modality.

The Hope to which the Masters allude is not only related to the positive expectation in relation to the outcome of a given event but to a general and constant attitude towards life itself, regardless of the situations that a human being is going through at a given moment. Hope leads the heart of the person to a state of lightness that allows him to minimize suffering.

It is often said that “while there is life, there is hope”. However, I would put it this way: “while there is hope, there is Life”. Hope is a quality that makes it so that often, when all is thought rationally lost, a strange and transcendent state of Peace fills us, comforts us and gives us back the faith that in the end all will be well.

Benefits of Initiation into the Energy of Hope

  • increased energy flow in the etheric body
  • lightness, expansion and flexibility in the emotional body
  • stability and openness at the level of the mental body

Like the quality of Unconditional Love that gradually increases as the spirit evolves, the quality of Hope is also becoming more and more present. Hope allows human beings a growing capacity to build projects that without this characteristic would not be possible. At the spiritual level, it allows the human being to absorb energies of higher frequencies from the spiritual plane.