In the Ascension Healing Course, trainees receive an initiation that is designed to open the heart chakra – the Heart Chakra Opening Initiation. This very special initiation is given by the Beings of Light from the Pleiades, a cluster of stars from the constellation Taurus, and serves the purpose of opening in a safe and organic way the heart chakra which assumes as one of its functions, to balance and harmonize the other chakras. The heart chakra is at the center of the chakra system and is also called the unified chakra. The main function of the heart chakra is to inspire us with love and compassion for ourselves and others as well as understanding, not on a mental level, but on the level of empathy and compassion. Another of its functions is to give us a sense of connection to other people as well as to Nature.

Through the heart chakra, we are able to understand that everything that exists is interconnected. This chakra has 4 layers of 3 petals in each layer, thus having 12 petals.

Like the other initiations, this initiation contributes to the development of Christ consciousness.