The Archturians are working here along with many other Confederate Beings as guardians and protectors of a higher consciousness. They have advanced healing technologies that act in a transversal and holistic way on all multidimensional manifestations and in all lives that have already been part of our path, opening doors to the evolution of the Being.The Archturian Multidimensional Healing was channeled by Clarindo Melchizedek and allows the Human Being to open channels of pure and healing energy reconnecting with his Higher Self. It is based on the Language of Light that is expressed through Keylons or symbols that are being introduced on the planet as an information track that supports a new frequency.

Training in Arcturian Multidimensional Healing

Training in Arcturian Multidimensional Healing

Healing system simple in its use and application, but very powerful in its energetic configuration, because it channels Christ energy from the 12th dimension. The complete training contains 4 levels, each workshop passes 7 of the 28 system codes, that is 14 when levels 1 and 2 are given together.

Preparatory initiations will be activated .

  • Cleansing and energetic alignment through the Maharic Shield and Cosmic Egg for anchoring with the Archturian Guides
  • Biorelativity Exercises (telepathic ability to connect and heal the Earth)
  • Archturian Light technologies like Dimensional Corridors and Crystal programming with the Lights like Omega Light and Adonai Light

“We open our memories for personal and planetary deep cleansing.

Originally it was just going to be the codes but I was guided into compiling all this work from the Sacred Geometries as a preparation for the accesses that the codes themselves open up.

These codes act as dimensional portal keys and help us greatly with reconnecting to our family of origin.”

Facilitator: Carla Varella

Post graduate in Transdisciplinary Psychology at Unipaz, post graduate in Psychomotricity and Neurophysiology, has completed training in Biosynthesis Psychotherapy, is a Shining Frequency therapist (level 18) and Amanae, Master and Teacher of Multidimensional Archturian Healing, Keylons Interface, facilitator of several multidimensional healing courses, since 2006. She also works with Stellar Connection Therapies and is a student of Drunvalo Melchizedek (Awakening of the Enlightened Heart).


Lecture: Thursday, 12 October at 18:00 (free admission)
October 14 (Saturday from 9h to 18h)
October 15 (Sunday from 9.30am to 4pm)

Value: 300 Euros with the GOF annual fee of $40 included

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