Imagine a tool of spiritual evolution that would allow you to transfer from:

  • all the knowledge of Deepak Chopra
  • all of Wayne Dyer’s knowledge
  • all the knowledge of Eckart Tolle
  • all the knowledge of Paramahansa Yogananda
  • all the knowledge of Paramahansa Nithyananda
  • all the knowledge of Paramahansa Vishwananda
  • all the knowledge of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • all the knowledge of Sri Yukteswar
  • all the knowledge of Lahiri Mahasaya
  • all the knowledge of Mahavatar Babaji
  • channeling ascended masters
  • the whole knowledge of the Neurofeedback field
  • knowledge about the ability to objectively measure the amount of Chi of a person, the dimensions of their aura, their level of spiritual evolution, their level of spiritual consciousness and the percentage of karma to be overcome at the Soul level that remains until it has paid off 100% of the karmic debt incurred in all earthly incarnations
  • knowledge of all the techniques and equipment available for quantitatively gauging a person’s level of spiritual progress
  • ability to write books that transport into a person’s consciousness, karmic cleansing and spiritual awakening to Christ Consciousness while reading the information contained in the physical or digital book
  • ability to write books that awaken in readers, insights that give them answers to all the questions of the present moment, transforming these books into objects of direct access to the wisdom of the Source that All Is. Access to this capacity in readers would be conferred by simple contact with these same books, reading them, touching them or simply, thinking about them or about them
  • ability to persevere in attaining Enlightenment in the course of this present incarnation through Knowledge, Meditation and Love
  • ability to understand the Divine Laws and how to use them to attain Enlightenment and to teach as many people as possible to attain Enlightenment
  • ability to understand in depth all self-sabotaging processes and how to overcome them in the course of all actions leading to spiritual progress
  • knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • Chico Xavier’s mediumistic capacity
  • ability to increase consciousness with power plants
  • knowledge of Master Saint Germain
  • Knowledge of Psychology by Carl Gustav Jung
  • knowledge and capabilities of Waldo Vieira and Robert Monroe in the field of Projectiology and Conscientiology
  • knowledge of the Beings of Light of Sirius, Orion, Pleiades and Arcturus
  • ability to have lucid dreams and perform conscious astral travel
  • ability to open and close 3rd sight
  • physical and spiritual healing capacity
  • ability to become aware of all limiting beliefs in the unconscious and their immediate clearing
  • knowledge of Quantum Mechanics
  • ability to access information gathered throughout all past lives on Earth and other worlds directly and consciously
  • total knowledge of the Higher Self of the person
  • ability to believe and understand 100% that to evolve it is not necessary to suffer
  • ability to consciously release, immediately and pleasantly, any and all limiting beliefs, fears, prejudices and taboos that prevent you from reaching or delaying your goals
  • ability to consciously, immediately and pleasantly transmute all positive thoughts, emotions and feelings throughout the day
  • ability to transform any and all negative emotions and feelings arising from catharsis of various ascension tools into emotions and feelings of pure pleasure in an immediate, spontaneous, automatic, pleasurable, deep and joyful way
  • ability to release permanently, immediately and pleasantly, all the main fears in relation to life on a financial, professional, spiritual and love level
  • ability to use an energy therapy that can permanently, immediately, simply and pleasantly eliminate any and all limiting beliefs contrary to Divine Laws
  • ability and feeling of absolute self-confidence in the act of channeling beings from 5D and higher dimensions, ascended masters, Angels and Archangels
  • ability to believe 100% that letting go of limiting beliefs will make the ego more with the Higher Self and make it happier instead of the ego considering that these limiting beliefs are part of itself the way an arm or a leg is part of a body and that the pain of letting go of these limiting beliefs will be similar to the pain of pulling an arm or a leg out of a body without using anesthesia
  • knowledge of the world’s leading expert in Quantum Physics, Spirituality, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming, Neurology, Neurofeedback and Energetic Medicine
  • ability and knowledge of the world’s foremost expert in Tantra and conscious mastery of sexual impulses and full self-mastery of sexual energy
  • knowledge and ability to totally cleanse negativity from the etheric, lower emotional and mental body
  • clairvoyance, clairaudience and healing mediumship
  • archetype of the best speaker/speaker in the world
  • knowledge of Anthony Robbins
  • self-confidence of speaking in public to thousands of people
  • capacity for immediate and intuitive perception of limiting beliefs as catharsis emerges during the process of various energetic tools of spiritual evolution
  • joy 100% of the time
  • optimism and gratitude 100% of the time
  • Buddha compassion
  • Jesus Christ’s capacity for forgiveness and self-forgiveness
  • ability to immediately release any and all limiting beliefs that prevent one from recognizing oneself as a co-creator
  • ability to become 100% conscious as co-creator of your reality
  • ability to recognize all self-sabotaging mechanisms on the financial, professional, love and spiritual level as soon as they are detected
  • perfect health archetype

To evolve requires 3 fundamental components:

Ability, will and faith.

Capacity corresponds to the information that the person possesses.
Will corresponds to a feeling as well as faith.

To do something, the human being needs to have information on how to do it (easier part since it can be acquired through books, courses, lectures), will to do it and feeling of unshakable faith (feeling of absolute certainty or absolute self-confidence). When you have those 3 components together, anything is possible.

The importance of letting go

The less attachment, the greater ego happiness.
The more the ego lets go, the more it can gain and expand. The problem lies in the fact that the ego considers that letting go means losing something.
To win, you have to let go first. To grasp something, you need to open your hands to release whatever you are holding and then grasp that same something.
When you let go of something small, you can gain something medium. When you let go of the medium, you get the big one. When you let go of the big one, you get the very big one. So the power to win more and more is dependent on the ability to let go more and more.

However, this knowledge runs into common sense that using the proverb, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”