During the process of Reiki self-treatment, the therapist must maintain a posture of love, deep devotion and faith in relation to God and himself, always remembering that the energy with which he is being gifted comes from the womb of the Source which nourishes us and which is the root of our Soul. You should never do self-treatment mechanically or with any feeling of disdain since this inner attitude is not in accordance with the highest principles of Spirituality which comprise devotion and faith.

When you are doing the self-treatment you should feel flooded with a deep white light that fills you with peace and love, a feeling that you could spend hours at a time, if necessary, conducting Reiki into you, so that time no longer matters. For the therapist to have a certain notion of the feeling, it is as if he were in love, inebriated with love for himself, like a baby in the cradle being cared for directly by the Divine Mother.